Book Review: Murder at Cape Three Points by Kwei Quartey

Murder at Cape Three points is a mystery novel about Accra’s hotshot Detective Dawson who solves Ghana’s most complex mysteries. A horrific murder has been committed at Cape Three Points, the unmistakeable beauty on the Ghanaian coast where two bays form the three peninsulas, giving it its name. The bodies of Charles and Fiona Smith-Aidoo, wealthy middle-aged couple are found in a canoe that washed up at an oil rig site.

Mr. Smith-Aidoo’s head has been gruesomely beheaded to make it look like a human sacrifice and to send a rather cryptic message. The person hurt the most by the gruesome murder is Dr. Sapphire Smith-Aidoo, their niece, who they raised like their own daughter. She files a petition with the police headquarter in Accra to reinvestigate the murder case four months after the rural police failed to make any arrest. Detective Darko Dawson is called in along with his assistant Detective, Chikata who also happened to be the nephew of his boss.

Darko reluctantly leaves his son who just had a heart surgery and travels to Takoradi to investigate. Takoradi’s Chief Superintendent didn’t like the idea of the headquarter taking over his case, so he made things a bit difficult for Darko. Darko still persists and goes over every statement originally made and reinterviewed old suspects. He discovers a longstanding family feud that can be a motive for murder.

This is actually the third book in the Detective Inspector Darko Dawson’s crime series. It is my first time reading any book by Kwei Quartey so I didn’t even know it was a series, but not reading the previous books didn’t make it hard to understand this book because it was like a stand alone except some of the backstories on Detective Dawson, like his previous murder cases. This book is a must read for mystery lovers. It will keep you guessing and wondering “who done it”.


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