Book Review: Let The Dead Lie by Malla Nunn

After being forced to resign from his job and at same time reclassified from white to mixed race (you will have to read the first book to know why), former detective sergeant Cooper moved to Durban to live a peaceful life. While there, he was doing low grade jobs and contract surveillance on the side for his old boss Major van Niekerk. His peaceful life came crashing down on the night he discovered a dead body at the docks.

A young white boy is mysteriously murdered and Cooper’s inability to stay away pushes him to be careless and he ends up leaving things behind that can easily incriminate him. Somehow his old boss gets involved and Cooper is given 48 hours to solve the murder or be arrested and charged for it. In his pursuit to find the boy’s killer, two more murders happen which further incriminates Cooper. How can he possibly solve these murders when he doesn’t know much about the victims, have no contacts in Durban and no help from the police force?

In comparison to the first book, this second book didn’t have a significant shock factor and there wasn’t any distraction like a romantic relationship – the story focused mostly on finding the killer(s). Although, Cooper encountered a lot of bumps even from his old boss. Racial tensions weren’t deeply highlighted but they existed. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. My curiosity and questions were answered. The author has mastered the act of giving a satisfactory ending. I definitely recommend!

Just like the first book, I also read this in May but didn’t get a chance to post my review until now. Please forgive my tardiness.


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