Book Review: Gold of Our Fathers by Kwei Quartey

My favorite Ghanaian Detective Inspector, actually make it Chief Inspector (he’s finally promoted with a small salary raise) Darko Dawson is back in the fourth book of his self titled series to solve yet another unfortunate murder. He made the mistake of thinking his promotion will finally allow him to spend more time with his family. Can you blame him? His very demanding boss has also been promoted and moved to a different location. So, this means Dawson can finally have a peace of mind, I mean his new boss can’t be worst than his old boss.

Dawson’s happiness is short lived when he finds out his new boss is transferring him from Accra to Obuasi, an Ashanti region known for its illegal gold mining. On only his second day on his new job, the body of a Chinese mine owner is unearthed in his own gold quarry by his local workers. Who else is more qualified to solve this mysterious murder other than the hotshot Chief Inspector Dawson? Being in Obuasi means his righthand man, Chikata won’t be helping him so, he made good use of the resources he has available. Upon his always thorough investigation and his knack to never leave any stone unturned, he makes some friends and foes who have one thing or the other to do with the murder but of course, are not willing to tell him. Some suspects confessed and were believable because they had solid motives. While investigating the Chinese man’s murder, another murder (made to look like an armed robbery gone wrong) happened and this one cuts Dawson to the bone. At the end of of investigation, he uncovered the lies, bribery and corruption within the police force and also found out that love or should I say obsession can cause people to commit horrible crimes.

Every book in this series has been outstanding so I’m not surprised I loved this book just as much as I loved book one, book two and book three. I do hope there’s another book in the works and I can’t wait to read what’s next for Dawson.

In unfortunate continuation of my slow reading and reviewing month, I read this book back in June and just now able to review it.


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