Book Review: Blunted on Reality by Chinedu Achebe

Blunted on Reality is the first book by indie author, Chinedu Achebe. It is set around the time of Barack Obama’s election in 2008 as the first black president of the USA. It is the story of Obi, a Nigerian man in his late 20s soon to be 30 and his challenges with love, career, family and friends.

Obi, like many young adults is worried about his career and the next big step to take – whether to take over his uncle’s law firm or calve his own path. And of course, in a typical Nigerian fashion, he’s also worried about not finding his soulmate. His family reminding him every single time he visits home to find a wife and settle down does not really help his case.

I thought this book was interesting and I enjoyed all the characters. Obi’s story is very relatable, he can be someone I know or any of my friends. Nkechi can pass as one of my girlfriends. This book is for matured audience only because there are a lot of profanities. The book can do without some of them.

I found reading this book at the time I did quite ironic. The book is set during president Obama’s first inauguration and I’m reading it at the time he’s leaving office (I read the book in January).

Chinedu said he’s wrapping up the sequel which is set in 2012 during president Obama’s second inauguration. I look forward to reading it. I even suggested he writes a third book set in 2016 that will tell the story of how Obi and his friends dealt with the election of Trump.

Chinedu reached out to me on Facebook asking what kind of books I read and review on my blog and if I was interested in checking out his book. At first when I saw his name I thought he was related to the literary legend, Chinua Achebe. So, I had to ask to verify, but he isn’t. The title of the book also stood out to me, it has the same title as the studio album by Fugees released in 1994. I also had to ask Chinedu if he was inspired by the album and he said yes. Apparently, he’s a hip hop head. He also said the story of some of the other characters like Nkechi was inspired by the TV show, Girlfriends.

Although, this book was given to me by the author as a gift, the review is my honest opinion about the book.


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