2015 Favorite Authors

Last year, I was into thrillers (psychological and medical), crime, mystery, fantasy, science fiction etc and my favorite authors were Rachel Abbott, Kendra Elliot, Michael C Grumley, A.G. Riddle, Melinda Leigh Author Page, J.T. Geissinger, Andrew Peterson, J.A. Schneider, and John Ellsworth. These were all great authors that entertained me on my long commute to work and kept me awake at nights. Once you pick one of their books it’s difficult to put it down until you’ve read all books in the series or even all their books. If there’s anything I’ll miss about Kindle Unlimited it’s the privilege to have discovered these fabulous authors. If I ever renew my membership it will be because of them.
For this year, I’m leaning towards African and American literatures. The authors I’m looking forward to reading are Toni Morrison, Sister Souljah, Chinua Achebe, Okey Ndibe, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie etc. This list will increase as I discover more books to read. My genre will most likely expand.