Book Review: Black Star Nairobi by Mukoma wa Ngugi

This is Mukoma wa Ngugi’s second book and the sequel to his first book, Nairobi Heat. I read Nairobi Heat last year and really enjoyed it. So, I was very excited to read Black Star Nairobi. I started this book with great expectations and let me tell you, it didn’t disappoint. I was engaged and on the edge from beginning to end. This book was so well written, and the characters (already well established in the first book) were developed enough to refresh the memory of those who read book one and also to help those reading for the first time to understand what exactly is going on.

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Book Review: Gold of Our Fathers by Kwei Quartey

My favorite Ghanaian Detective Inspector, actually make it Chief Inspector (he’s finally promoted with a small salary raise) Darko Dawson is back in the fourth book of his self titled series to solve yet another unfortunate murder. He made the mistake of thinking his promotion will finally allow him to spend more time with his family. Can you blame him? His very demanding boss has also been promoted and moved to a different location. So, this means Dawson can finally have a peace of mind, I mean his new boss can’t be worst than his old boss.

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Book Review: Let The Dead Lie by Malla Nunn

After being forced to resign from his job and at same time reclassified from white to mixed race (you will have to read the first book to know why), former detective sergeant Cooper moved to Durban to live a peaceful life. While there, he was doing low grade jobs and contract surveillance on the side for his old boss Major van Niekerk. His peaceful life came crashing down on the night he discovered a dead body at the docks.

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Book Review: A Beautiful Place to Die by Malla Nunn

This is the debut novel of Malla Nunn, and it’s my first time reading anything from her. I’ve never heard of her until the fateful day I discovered this book. I came across this novel by mere luck. After reading the Detective Darko Dawson series by Kwei Quartey, I was having a bad case of withdrawal and needed another detective series to quench my thirst. So, I went online and searched for African crime fictions and this was one of my search results. I consider this luck because most times when I search for novels to read online I usually don’t find good books.

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Book Review: Children of the Street by Kwei Quartey

Children of the Street

This is the second book in the Inspector Darko Dawson mystery series. When a decomposed body is found in the muddy water of Agbogbloshie, Inspector Dawson is called to solve the mystery murder. While still investigating another murder happens which leads him to speculate the two murders are related. Further investigation with the assistance of his detective sergeant, Chikata reveals that a serial killer, who targets street children of Accra is on the loose.

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Book Review: Wife of the Gods by Kwei Quartey

This is the first book in the Inspector Darko Dawson crime series. It is set in Ketanu, a small rural town in Ghana. The book brings to light an old Ghanaian tradition called “trokosi” where young girls are offered to the fetish priest as wives in order to atone for the sin committed by a member of their families.

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Book Review: Nairobi Heat by Mukoma wa Ngugi

Nairobi Heat

Nairobi Heat is a crime fiction about how two detectives who live in two different continents and have never met each other before but later became good friends joined forces to solve the murder of an unidentified young white girl. Ishmael, an African American is the book’s narrator and the lead detective on the murder case. The prime suspect is Joshua, a former headmaster and African hero who saved innocent lives during the Rwanda genocide but now a Professor living in a very rich white neighborhood in Madison, Wisconsin. Joshua found the body on his doorstep raising many questions that landed him at the top of suspects’ list, but his air tight alibi made it difficult to convict him of the crime.

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