Book Review: Gold of Our Fathers by Kwei Quartey

My favorite Ghanaian Detective Inspector, actually make it Chief Inspector (he’s finally promoted with a small salary raise) Darko Dawson is back in the fourth book of his self titled series to solve yet another unfortunate murder. He made the mistake of thinking his promotion will finally allow him to spend more time with his family. Can you blame him? His very demanding boss has also been promoted and moved to a different location. So, this means Dawson can finally have a peace of mind, I mean his new boss can’t be worst than his old boss.

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Book Review: Children of the Street by Kwei Quartey

Children of the Street

This is the second book in the Inspector Darko Dawson mystery series. When a decomposed body is found in the muddy water of Agbogbloshie, Inspector Dawson is called to solve the mystery murder. While still investigating another murder happens which leads him to speculate the two murders are related. Further investigation with the assistance of his detective sergeant, Chikata reveals that a serial killer, who targets street children of Accra is on the loose.

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Book Review: Wife of the Gods by Kwei Quartey

This is the first book in the Inspector Darko Dawson crime series. It is set in Ketanu, a small rural town in Ghana. The book brings to light an old Ghanaian tradition called “trokosi” where young girls are offered to the fetish priest as wives in order to atone for the sin committed by a member of their families.

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Book Review: Murder at Cape Three Points by Kwei Quartey

Kwei Quartey

Murder at Cape Three points is a mystery novel about Accra’s hotshot Detective Dawson who solves Ghana’s most complex mysteries. A horrific murder has been committed at Cape Three Points, the unmistakeable beauty on the Ghanaian coast where two bays form the three peninsulas, giving it its name. The bodies of Charles and Fiona Smith-Aidoo, wealthy middle-aged couple are found in a canoe that washed up at an oil rig site.

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