Book Review: Let The Dead Lie by Malla Nunn

After being forced to resign from his job and at same time reclassified from white to mixed race (you will have to read the first book to know why), former detective sergeant Cooper moved to Durban to live a peaceful life. While there, he was doing low grade jobs and contract surveillance on the side for his old boss Major van Niekerk. His peaceful life came crashing down on the night he discovered a dead body at the docks.

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Book Review: Murder at Cape Three Points by Kwei Quartey

Kwei Quartey

Murder at Cape Three points is a mystery novel about Accra’s hotshot Detective Dawson who solves Ghana’s most complex mysteries. A horrific murder has been committed at Cape Three Points, the unmistakeable beauty on the Ghanaian coast where two bays form the three peninsulas, giving it its name. The bodies of Charles and Fiona Smith-Aidoo, wealthy middle-aged couple are found in a canoe that washed up at an oil rig site.

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