Book Review: Children of the Street by Kwei Quartey

This is the second book in the Inspector Darko Dawson mystery series. When a decomposed body is found in the muddy water of Agbogbloshie, Inspector Dawson is called to solve the mystery murder. While still investigating another murder happens which leads him to speculate the two murders are related. Further investigation with the assistance of his detective sergeant, Chikata reveals that a serial killer, who targets street children of Accra is on the loose.

Darko investigates and handles this case with the same attention to detail, seriousness and compassion he gives to his other cases even though, this case according to his superior isn’t a priority. He utilizes the help of a journalist, a professor, his older brother, street kids etc and slowly but surely filters through different kinds of suspects some of which I didn’t think had what it takes to commit the crime and some I was so sure committed the heinous crime but ended up not doing it.

I’m usually good at guessing the suspect or at least coming close to it. But it wasn’t the case here. The author made sure to lead the reader on a wild goose chase by throwing in suspects that fit the crime and leaving the real suspect in plain sight. Just like other books by Kwei Quartey, this one didn’t disappoint in teaching the reader one or two lessons about Ghanaian culture and traditions. I recommend to anyone interested in crime fiction especially African crime fiction.


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